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Halfway between painting and engraving, the work of Thomas Godin is an invitation to a journey, the destination of which, to the delight of the imagination, remains to be determined. The infinity of the chromatic nuances of his works respect the eye of the spectator who oscillates on both sides of the border, eminently porous, distinguishing figuration and abstraction. As Montesquieu mentioned in the Spirit of Laws about ethos and even politics, the climate conditions the aesthetics of Thomas Godin's plays. Liquid and airy, the atmosphere of the Pays de Léon - bounded to the south by the Monts d'Arrees range - offers the artist a most inspiring palette. Through rigorous work combining the chemical properties of a metal plate and the poetry of random impressions, Thomas Godin shapes, in demiurge, a nebulous world made up of fantasized landscapes.

Romain Arazm

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